Saturday, September 25

Calpe Treasure Trail




At your own leisure, follow the clues and make a note of the answers.  When you have finished put the answers in an envelope together with your name/names, U3A membership number, telephone number and email address.  Entry is free but all donations are gratefully received for Cruz Roja, no matter how large or small they may be!  Deposit the envelope in the U3A Postbox 416 in Total Postal.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday 7th April.  Prize is a box of delicious chocolates from SVEN.  If you wish to be entered into  the draw for the prize, you need to be a U3A member from any of the U3As in the Costa Blanca area.


Starting in the Old Town of Calpe …..

1. The Torreo de la Peca is where and what?

2. What is the name of the parish church built in 1975 in the heart of the Old Town?

3. The Archeological museum of Calpe occupies which site?

 Moving on to the top of Gabriel Miro……

4. What are the flags hanging outside the Ayuntamiento?

Moving on to Placa del Mariners……

5. How many flamingos are flying in the mural above the old fisherman house on Placa del Mariners?

6. On the Spanish steps, how many Gallions are depicted on the Hotel Galeón

7. Translate the saying depicted above the Fragata Bar sign – “Aquí pero a tu lado”

Moving on to Placa Don Manuel Miro….

8. On the mural, where’s the cat laying?

9. On the Province of Alicante tile mural, what is the product depicted for Calpe, Teulada, Benissa?

Moving down to the bottom of the bottom of the Gabriel Miro……

10. That surrounds the two figures in the middle of the fountain?

11. What is the name of the tallest hotel in Calpe?

12. What’s the name of the café bar opposite The Arte Café?

Now deposit your envelope and enjoy a drink!


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