Saturday, January 23

AGM 19th Nov 2020


This was my last meeting as President and I was totally bowled over by the thank you that I received.

I must thank Peter Purves for the amazing write-up, sorry he was absent due to a health problem, thank you to Wendy (Vice Pres) for reading this out, to Marion (Sec) for the lovely flowers, to John (treasurer) for the good wine, and to crown it all a gift to AKIRA dog rescue and the secretary of AKIRA to present me with a card in thanks.  By now I was speechless and luckily with the mask and glasses my tears were not noticed, I was quite emotional. Thank you so very much!! Thank you also to all those lovely members who came along to say goodbye to me and to welcome Liam as the new President.

Verity Waddell

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