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Day Trip Friday 31st May 2019

Price €30 per person including coach and ferry

Tabarca is an island with beaches and coves in which to lose yourself. It is just an hour from Alicante by boat, yet comfortably cut off from the outside world. Visitors come to soak up the sea in all its glory, to bask in the sunshine and explore the rocky shore. Also known as Isla Plana or “Flat Island”, as it is flat and long
The beach bars and restaurants are all at your service, catering to your every need. The water is calm, and so limpid that you can see your feet clearly beneath the surface. Overlooking the beach is the Tabarca Museum. Take a moment to drop in and learn about the island: its geography, flora and fauna, culture and history. Then step back into the present, as embodied in its streets and its souvenir and craft shops.
Tabarca became Spain’s first National Marine Reserve in 1986. Thanks to this official status, created for the protection, regeneration and development of fishing resources and to protect the underwater flora and fauna, it enjoys a rich marine life.

Departure: Casa/Repsol 8.30 am Esmeralda Hotel 8.45 am
Return from Alicante at 5.45 pm

Put your name on the list on 18th April meeting at the Ifach hotel.

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