Friday, January 21

Before you book


To book a place on any trip organised by the Calpe U3A Travel Group, you will now have to pay a 10-euro deposit, which is not returnable. You can no longer reserve a place on a trip simply by giving us your name or names.

Health and Safety

For the benefit of everyone on the trip, we ask members to consider the following basic Health and Safety factors before booking a trip.

We have drawn up these guidelines to ensure that you have a good trip and that other members enjoy their trip as well.

  1. All travellers are reminded that they are individually responsible for their own Travel Insurance and should ensure that they have sufficient Travel Insurance cover for all emergencies, including cancellations, illness and accidents. You will need to carry your insurance documents with you, together with your NIE and/or SIP card, and to produce these for trips when required.
  2. For some trips, you need to be capable of walking and standing unaided, and—for sightseeing trips particularly—able to walk unaided for a period of time. Please discuss possible difficulties with the Travel Group leader before booking, if you envisage there may be some.
  3. If you are reliant on a wheelchair, you are asked to ensure you are accompanied by a friend/helper to assist during the trip.
  4. Where luggage is involved, you need to be capable of handling your own personal luggage and/or a luggage trolley, or have a named friend/helper who has agreed to assist.
  5. For many trips you will need to be able to climb on and off a coach, train or plane, and to climb a short flight of stairs.
  6. Recognising that our members are in their “Third Age”, we acknowledge the need for a leisurely pace and occasional support from a partner or companion.


  • Refunds can only be given if places that you cancel are taken up by someone else.
  • Full payment details are on the page Paying for your trip.