Saturday, September 25

Peter’s Odd and Curious Corner 7


The singing fish

Since 1980 houseboat residents in California had complained of a disturbing humming sound at night. Now electronic engineers have discovered that the sound is coming from the fish in the river. To make sure they took samples back to the laboratory.  The conclusion – they were singing to attract a mate.

Genomics proves we are truly a Mongol race

The science of genomics is re-writing our history. Unlikely as it seemed, several years ago traces of Neanderthal DNA was detected. Now the it would seem that we are related to at least five other species of humans; in Siberia, China, SE Asia, The Malaysian Island of Flores, and a tribe in Central Africa.

Faster than instantaneous!

Scientists say they have been successful is teleporting information between two locations before actually sending anything. (Needs thinking about!)

Spectacular find in Northern Spain

In the Basque region of Lekeitio cave art dating back Ca 14,500 years, and described as the most spectacular and impressive ever found in Spain. There are horses, bison, goats and two lions.

Worms as relatives?

University of Cambridge scientists in Canada have identified fossil sea worms dated to Ca. Five hundred million years ago and decided they were a common ancestor. Why? Because they had a backbone and were therefore, like us, of the filae ‘cordate’.

Greenland Sharks

Scientists have found that these sharks are the oldest living vertebrates on earth. A female was found to be about 400 years old. Apparently, they are not sexually mature until about 150 years old. (A long time to wait for IT)

Look at the Moon on November 14th

It may not be obvious, but the moon this night is the nearest to the Earth at 221,524 miles than at any time since January 1948. If you miss tonight you have to wait until 2034.

Nobel prize

This year’s Nobel prize for Chemistry has been awarded for the development of the worlds smallest machines on a molecular level. They are a thousand times thinner than a human hair.

A wolf whistle

In July Nottinghamshire police said that ‘wolf whistling’ could be classified as a hate crime! ‘Not so’, said Joanna Lumley. It should be regarded as a compliment– ‘cor, you look all right, darlin’.  (Good for you. Joanna, PC has gone too far)

A New radio telescope

China’s newly completed radio telescope, the world’s largest costing $180 million has a diameter of 500 meters and consists of 4,000 metal panels. (Mind you, several villages were destroyed and thousands of people displaced to make it)

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