Thursday, November 26

To all members of U3A Calpe


To all members of U3A Calpe

From your Committee.

We are nearing the time of year for our Annual General Meeting on November 15th.

Please note that only fully paid up members may attend the AGM. Without your membership card you may be refused entry. If your membership has lapsed this can be rectified at any meeting.

In accordance with our Constitution we therefore formally invite nominations for all Committee positions.

This year, most of the Committee are offering themselves for re-election, although this should not deter further nominations. Please note, however, as our current Secretary and Membership Secretaries are both resigning it is necessary that these two positions are filled in order for your Committee to function properly.

Additionally, we are currently short of a Social Secretary, ( not necessarily a committee post ) and also badly in need of a dedicated  Web Co-ordinator, to make sure our web site stays up to date  by  adding new information as required.  This could be done at home from any location. All that is needed is an internet connection. A few more names to help at our general meetings when others are ill or on holiday would be most useful.  From our register of nearly 800 members we feel sure that there must be a few that can spare a few hours a month to ensure our continuance. All volunteers welcome!

A departure from normal at the AGM will be a speaker.  Dr. Jose Rafael Garcia is the Scientific Director of the Institute of Environment and Marine Science here in Calpe. He will show a film and tell us all that is going on beneath the sea, and of their battle to save the giant mussels from extinction.

Our October 18th meeting is also a new experience for us.  Not only will it be open to members of the public, but we shall be entertained by the 40 strong Denia Rock choir and a collection will be made to help defray their expenses. Members should sign in as usual.

Committee Nomination forms and information for the AGM will be available at this meeting on October 18th.


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