Saturday, January 23

Special Appeal: Choir members wanted!


Special Appeal!

Choir members wanted urgently, particularly male members! Don’t worry about if you think you can’t sing. You will be surprised at the good results just after a few practice sessions.

Considering all the positive health benefits from singing, e.g. good for posture, very good for the respiration system, heart, blood circulation, plus the feel-good factor, etc. We really shouldn’t ignore those wonderful effects for our physical and mental well-being from singing at this time of our life.

U3A choir is a very friendly group and we have two charity concerts in a year. The money goes to local Calpe charity needs. So, we make a positive contribution to our own community.

More members, are better for us and for our Calpe!

Please join! For further details contact Mary Anderton (Group Leader) through the U3A Website.


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