Saturday, June 6

U3A Future – From your Vice President


At the General Meeting this morning, September 21st. 141 members attended, more than a quarter of the Membership. We were entertained by the choir, under the direction of Mary Anderton.

In my address to the meeting I outlined the circumstances in which I became Vice President and my distress at Liam’s resignation after only four months. My appointment fulfilled the terms of our Constitution and I had every intention of withdrawing gracefully at the coming Annual General Meeting. I did not wish to stand again as Vice President without a President.

There is usually a small turnover of Committee members each year, but this year is exceptional. We are still going to need a new President, Vice President, Treasurer, at least one member for the Travel Group, A Group Co-ordinator, one more for Publicity and two Vocals in order to stay a legal Spanish Organisation. We also urgently need a new Membership Secretary.  I said that if a suitable President was forthcoming before the AGM which is in 2 months time, I would make myself available for whatever slot the new Committee felt that I could be of best assistance. (Since the meeting we have had offers for the post of Treasurer and one Vocal).

I pointed out that if the minimum appointments were not filled at the AGM in October, our Organisation would be operating illegally. This could only mean one thing.  The U3A Calpe would have to be dissolved.

Please think what this would mean. Almost all the membership enjoys, to a greater or lesser extent, all of the pleasures and enjoyments that we sponsor. These would no longer be able to operate under the auspices of the U3A. There would be no more interesting day outings to visit and enjoy the wines and countryside of other places, or extended visits to faraway places, no more Dinner / Dances, and most of all, in all likelihood, the 27 or so Groups that provide so much entertainment and pleasure for us could no longer continue under the sponsorship of the U3A.

So, I ask the Membership, if you want this to happen, so be it. It will be quite out of my hands. But if you want your U3A Calpe to flourish and grow and continue in the way of the original founders’ vision, and then ask yourself if you have the time and enthusiasm to ensure that this happens.

Peter F. Purvey

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