Monday, October 18

U3A CALPE – Forthcoming AGM


On behalf of the Committee, we would like to send good wishes to all our members, wherever you may be. It has been a very tough, unprecedented year for everybody. We are so grateful to those of you who have found innovative, but safe, ways to keep our activities going, despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic. We are pleased to report that membership numbers are, once again, slowly beginning to rise. We remain optimistic that, moving forward with vision and enthusiasm, 2022 will prove to be an excellent year in the history of our association.

However, it is that time of year again, with November just around around the corner, when our Annual General Meeting is due to be held, on November 18th. As you are probably aware, existing Committee members can offer to stand for re-election, unless, of course, they have decided to resign. This year, there will be a number of Committee members to replace, including some who hold key roles, for example, our current President and Secretary. We are grateful that our Treasurer has decided to continue.

We felt it was important to point out to our members the potential adverse implications of the situation. Within the requirements of Spanish legislation, as a registered association, we could only continue to operate for a very short time if these important Committee posts remain unfilled after the AGM. In other words, U3A Calpe would then be closed down.

In practice, this would be a significant loss. We currently have 17 Group leaders offering a variety of activities. Roughly half our current membership, of around 400, participate in one or more of these activities on a regular basis. In addition, members who visit Calpe for short breaks or holidays join us too, and would be surprised and dismayed to find us gone. We provide a valuable community of friendship and support for local charities in time of need.

To avoid such a dismal prospect, we are asking all members to consider whether they could undertake a role on the Committee, to support the activities of U3A Calpe – if not as an office-holder, then in a general capacity, as a “vo-cal”. It is, of course, vital, that replacements are found for the outgoing President and Secretary, as has been made clear above. If you feel you could be interested, but would like further information about what would be involved, please contact the President and/or Secretary.

Nomination forms can be obtained from the Secretary or downloaded from the U3A Calpe website. Completed forms should be returned to the Secretary, or any Committee member, or delivered to the U3A Calpe mailbox at Total Postal in Calpe, as soon as possible, but by October 21st 2021 at the latest.

We look forward to receiving your nomination forms.
Thank you, and kind regards,
U3A Calpe Committee

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