Monday, June 14


As part of the ‘New Normal’, we plan to make some groups available to members wherever you are.  The first two are THE BOOK GROUP and THE WRITING GROUP.  Why not have a look, this could be of interest to you!


At a recent meeting, the Committee thought it would be a good idea to encourage ALL our members to contribute their experiences during lockdown.

You may have funny stories about things that happened to you or to members of your family; there may be more serious moments you could share. How did you keep fit and active? What films or TV did you watch? What books did you read? How did you pass the time? What kept you going? Send in the jokes, the real-life stories. Tell us about the feelings and emotions you experienced – the good days, the bad days.

Over the weeks of lockdown, wherever you have been sitting it out, there will have been things that happened that stick in your memory which you could share. You may even like to contribute your own thoughts about ‘the new normal’ – where do we all go from here? Will life stay different from now on or do you think we will go back to how things were before Covid-19? Do you think the world will come together to use the impact of the virus to save our planet?

Nobody is expecting you to be a great writer. Just send us things in your own words, whether the words are spelled correctly or the grammar’s right doesn’t matter: we can sort that out. The most important thing is that we hear from you. Tell us all about it – how was lockdown for you? Of course, if you can write a poem or a story or an article, that’s great, but we’re perfectly happy just to have your information.

Some of you will have been taking photos – could you share some of these with us? Any subject will do – the birds in the garden, flowers that cheered you up, pets, family members being silly, a celebration, the list is endless – any image that connects with lockdown or even the future post-virus. Maybe those of you with an artistic or creative bent have been painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, making things – could you send us a photo of what you’ve been doing?

Now that we’ve started to move into the relaxation phases, it’ll be easy to forget what lockdown was actually like and that would be a pity. It’s been a unique experience and whilst everything is still fresh in our minds, it’s important that we record how it really was.

We’d like to collect together all your accounts, long or short, and your photos, with a view to sharing them on our website. Even though we’ve been apart in recent weeks, we can find out how we all coped, and what’s been going on for each of us in life under lockdown.

If we receive sufficient material in response to this appeal, it may be possible for us to publish an anthology about Lockdown, with proceeds to local charities. In any case, David Stockton, who handles our publicity, would be planning to use some of the material, with the contributor’s permission of course, in local press  and radio features.

So, please don‘t be shy – whilst we’ve still got some time on our hands, let’s pick up a pen or a camera, or look through our photos, or exercise our fingers on our keyboards, and get to work recording the memories of Lockdown 2020. The closing date for receiving your contributions is Sunday July 12th. Email all your material to

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