Wednesday, December 8

How do I join?

The conditions of membership

There are very few conditions of membership. You need to be 40 or over, and no longer in full-time employment. It doesn’t matter whether you are retired or semi-retired. Nor do you need to be of pensionable age. Your “Third Age” begins when you say it begins.

And the only qualification you need is that you want to enjoy and make something of this period of your life!


  1. Come to one of our general meetings (see below),
  2. collect and fill in an application form, and
  3. pay your first subscription.

To save yourself time, you can skip step 2 if you print off our printable application form (a PDF), and fill it in before you come to the meeting. We will then take the completed form from you, with your first sub.

General meetings

General meetings are held once a month, usually on the third Thursday of the month. There may be no meeting in July, August or December. For dates, see our meetings page.

We meet at present in the meeting room at the Salon Blau at the Casa de Cultura “Jaume Pastor i Fluixá” – Avenida Masnou nº 1, 03710 Calp (Alacant) at 10:00AM for 11:00AM.


The subscription is €10 per year per person, and will run from the day you join until exactly a year later. There is also a joining fee of €5, waived for new members but, from the 1st January 2020, applied to renewal subscriptions overdue by six months or more if they insist to start a new renewal date.

All group leaders shall have membership renewal forms and are asked to ensure that all in their group have up to date membership.