Friday, January 21

Membership – The Benefits

If you are 40 or over, and no longer in full-time employment, then you have arrived at the “Third Age.” If you want to live this period of your life to the full, then the University of the Third Age is for you!

You need not be put off by the word ‘University.’ To join a U3A, the only qualification you need is an interest in getting more out of your life, right now. The motto of the international U3A movement is “You are never too old to learn.”


Our own motto is the tag line of this website: “Learning is Pleasure.” The Calpe U3A provides educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. You don’t take courses, you just join groups—as many or as few as you have time for. For a full list of the groups you can join, have a look at our groups page.

What is more, you can start a new group yourself. All group leaders come from within our membership. To find out more about this, look at our page: ‘How do I start a new group?’


The Calpe U3A also organises trips, to local events, and to places of interest both in Spain and all over the planet. We have a Far East cruise coming up, which is already fully subscribed. To learn more look, at our list of planned trips and browse through the trip reports which members have been writing over the years.