Friday, January 21


There are 4 kinds of meeting in which you may be involved.

1. General meetings

These are held once a month, and are one of the main ways in which you can find out what is going on, ask questions, and make your personal opinions known.

General meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month and take place at the Salon Blau of the Casa Cultura, at 10:00AM for membership, travel and admin and 10:30AM for the meeting.

2. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This meeting is held on the third Thursday in November. The AGM for this year will take place at the Salon Blau of Casa Cultura in Calpe.

The most important item on the agenda is the election of a committee for the following year. You may like to check The committee posts which come up for election.

3. Committee meetings

Committee meetings are held once a month. Emergency committee meetings may be called in the event that an urgent issue arises.

4. Group meetings

Some groups hold meetings to discuss matters of particular concern to the group. These may be regular or ad hoc. Group members may participate.