Saturday, August 18



This is a new group and will start at this coming Autumn. All details please contact email to or call Dairong at 608469081.


No program of walks


To assist the high cost of motoring it is suggested that all car passengers offer a donation to the driver.

Ground Rules

All walkers must wear either walking boots or shoes, and suitable clothing.

Bring a packed lunch and plenty of water, especially on a hot day.

Carry wet weather gear, as the weather can change quicky in the mountains.

Dogs are permitted on walks, but must be kept on a lead and firmly controlled.

Changes to Programme

The programme walk can be changed if circumstances so dictate, e.g., weather, number and/or abilities of walkers at start, etc.

Group Leader

Contact details or call Dairong at 608469081


Cost per session

See under ‘Transport’

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