Saturday, September 25



To all U3A Calpe members:

How many of us buy DVDs, watch them once, then put them to gather dust on a shelf and never look at them again? For myself, I have about 150 such DVDs, most of which I haven’t watched in years! So, why don’t we share our DVDs for other members to watch and, in turn borrow DVDs from them?

Depending on interest, I am proposing to start a DVD Exchange Group whereby members can borrow DVDs from other members. In effect, it would be like creating a DVD “library”.

All that’s needed is for members to provide a listing of their DVDs. I shall then consolidate these listings and circulate to all group members.

How the actual “physical” exchange of DVDs shall take place is, as yet, undecided. It may be simply contact between individual members or, possibly, a meeting (say) one a week or once a month at a place convenient for all. I would welcome member’s opinions on this.

Note membership of this Group shall be completely free. Also, there shall be no charge for borrowing DVDs and no money shall change hands whatsoever.

Interested members please contact John Stafford at or 608469081.

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