Saturday, September 25

Computing (all levels)


From beginners to the more advanced, these computer lessons should cover all levels.

We start with the basics of how computers work, how to use them for word processing and creating folders, etc. You can also be set up with an Internet Service Provider and be taught how to explore the Internet plus sending and receiving e-mails.

If you are more advanced, you can be taught how to use additional programmes—such as Microsoft Publisher for creating greetings cards, flyers and small publications, Excel and Access for producing tables and databases, PowerPoint for presentations, and Photo Imaging using a variety of programmes.

I teach 2 to 3 people at a time at my house for 1-hour or 1½-hour periods any day of the week.

I am also willing to visit members at their homes, but I then request that they pick me up if they live outside Calpe or in hard-to-find locations.

Group Leader

Ian Coleman

Contact details

96 583 4388

Place and time

Ian’s house / member’s house

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